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at the 2020 APS Annual Leadership Meeting


Invitation Only
Tuesday, January 28 — Wednesday, January 29 JW Marriott Washington, DC

Dinner reception with featured speaker Ernest J. Moniz.

Tuesday, January 28 permalink

7:00 p.m. CVD Reception & Briefing Pennsylvania Ave. Terrace

Wednesday, January 29 permalink

7:30 a.m. CVD Reception & Briefing Salon D|E
9:00 a.m. CVD Visits Capitol Hill Offices
5:00 p.m. CVD Reception & Briefing National Press Building
6:30 p.m. Reception Capitol Foyer
7:30 p.m. Welcome Dinner Salon D|E Hosts: Kate P. Kirby & Philip H. Bucksbaum
Dinner Speaker: Ernest J. Moniz

All attendees must adhere to the APS meetings code of conduct.